How to Choose the Best Rotary Tool

How to Choose the Best Rotary Tool

The shank sizes of the rotary device are same but attachment may vary due to different models or type. Many accessories and attachment you need to buy for certain models.

You need to consider what attachment exactly you need before buying a rotary tool is really important.


• You need to buy different sizes and shapes of the high-speed cutter.
• It will ensure the most types of metal and woodwork.
• You have to have engravers for curving engraving if you work on various materials.


• You need to buy Burr spin at least several thousand rpm for small cuts.
• You have to check the power tool requirement first then go for Burr shanks.

Tungsten Carbide Cutter

• If you involve plenty of cutting work then you need to have carbide cutter.
• Always look for durable material.
Structured tooth tungsten carbide cutter:
• If you are planning to cut fiberglass, wood, plastic, epoxy, and rubber you need this particular cutter to finish your project.


• You need to have a cut off wheels to make slice and cut plastic and metals.
• You need to have diamond point wheel for wood, ceramic and glass cutting.
Flex Shaft:
• If you are crafters or doing a project just for a hobby you want flex shaft for carving wood.

Aluminum oxide stones

• If you want to sharpen, grinding work you need different shapes aluminum oxide stones.
• For hard surface grinding, you must have silicon carbide grinding stones including steel, ceramic and glass.

Brush and other accessories

• For cleaning, polishing on metal surface and jewelry you have to buy brush in different style and type.
• For sanding work small sanding disks and drums.
• For polishing work, you need to have polishing wheels.

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